Monday, December 03, 2012

...and the best rock biography of 2012 is...

...Rod: The Autobiography by Rod Stewart. I know, I am as floored as you. When I was invited by Mike Stark to discuss the best biographies on the market for the LA Radio Sessions podcast last month, I didn't even mention this book because I had not gotten to it yet. There was no way it could have been better than Heart, Springsteen, Jagger or Townshend's biographies...right? Not only is Stewart's a pleasurable read, it's incredibly entertaining and the best written of the bunch.

My in-depth review of the book is running now at antiMUSIC. Here's an excerpt from my review:

 Rod made me fall back in love with not just his underrated catalog, but with the man himself in a surprising, charming, cheeky and humorous look into his entire life. He doesn't feel like an elusive rock star out of touch with reality (even though he is just a bit) but by infusing the narrative with great humor, capricious prose and a beating heart, he's written not just one of the best rock n' roll autobiographies of the last ten years, but possibly the most entertaining one as well. There are artists with more admiration and critical acclaim with books out at this time that may overshadow Stewart's but none are as well written or evoke a tremor of glee the way Rod does. A must read for all music fans. 

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Great Biography said...

I didn't find out about this biography until now, and I might just pick it up and read it. I really like Rod Stewart's music and this will be an insightful read, thank you for sharing this review.